Archaeological Museum & Pignasecca Market

An historic and tasty trip through Ancient and modern food and traditions

Do you want to know the history of our food? Learn about Ancient Romans' eating habits? Explore one of the richest archaeological museums in the world? Drink special typical food and wine? Visit the most charming and colorful market of Naples? Take the funicular and enjoy a spectacular view of the city?

this half-day morning tour you will do all that! It is led by a professional local guide that speaks great English.

This memorable experience starts from the National Archaeological Museum. It contains plenty of artworks and objects collected from the ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum and other excavated Ancient cities located around the Volcano Vesuvius. We will see original cooking hardware, remains of food, well preserved mosaics, paintings and statues. You will feel like going back to the past and become an expert of Ancient cuisine!

Beautiful evening, beautiful weather, delicious food and amazing city. Unfortunately some important monuments covered by scaffolding. Means will have to come back again! - Lorraine B., Aspen, Colorado

After the first two hours spent in the museum we will go outdoor and reach the Pignasecca market. Farmers from the region around Naples come here to sell their fresh products. The area is also full of little authentic reastaurants and delis. We will taste fish specialties from a specialized vendor but also eat pasta, vegetable dishes, pizza, fruits, cakes and much more. It will feel like a gourmet walking feats through the old streets of Naples.

this rich itinerant lunch we will take the funicular and reach the Sant'Elmo Castle and enjoy a great view of the city. You will love this unique memorable food and art experience!/p>