• Minestra Maritata

    This vegetable soup is one of the most eaten and famous dishes in Naples

  • Basil Made Bread

    Basil is largely used in the local cuisine, even in bread!

  • Street Food

    Naples is one of the best places to try some original Italian street food

  • Meeting Pulcinella

    Pulcinella is a famous local comedy character and the mascotte of Naples

  • Neapolitan Appetizer

    Freshly cooked antipasti served on our tour

  • The best espresso

    When visiting Naples you cannot miss the original Italian espresso

  • Roasted Chestnuts

    On the streets of Napoli (Naples) is it easy to smell the chestnuts roasted in the fall and winter

  • Lucky Charms

    Everything can bring good or bad luck in Naples, even biscuits!