Santa Lucia Sea Village & Castle Food Tour

A gourmet promenade along the seafront of Naples

Join a pleasant and flavorful promenade along the seafront of Naples. This guided food, wine and sightseeing tour will take you from the old village of Santa Lucia to via Chiaia visiting some of the city' most charming places.

You will taste traditional sea specialties, regional wines, handmade pasta, genuine pizza and a large variety of local delis, cheese , appetizers, salami and desserts of course.

Between the food stops we will reach Castel dell'Ovo, Naples medieval sea castle. We will walk through via Chiaia and lungomare Caracciolo, the famous avenue along the shore where neapolitans spend free time on sunday witg a great view of the bay.

Beautiful evening, beautiful weather, delicious food and amazing city. Unfortunately some important monuments covered by scaffolding. Means will have to come back again! - Lorraine B., Aspen, Colorado

Our food adventure goes on tasting Baccalà, Fiarielli, local Soups and Ragù served with the famous Aglianico wine.

This tour ends at the grandest monumental square of Naples, Piazza Plebiscito. Here we will see the San Carlo theatre, Galleria Umberto and the Royal Palace. In the surrounding alleyways we will sample typical cakes such as Sfogliatelle & Babà, coffe and liqueurs.

Our food walk substitutes your lunch or dinner, so please do not eat before it. If you are spending half-day in Naples or you stay there overnight take this tour as a great option to see the city and taste authentic local specialties. You will be delighted!