Underground Naples Food Tour

Explore the undergrounds of Naples and taste the city's famous food specialties

This fascinating guided food and archaeologic tour will take you 40m below ground to explore Naples' ancient maze of caves, acqueducts, cisterns and passageways.

These subterraneans were originally excavated by the Greeks who founded Naples to extract tufa rock for construction purposes and to increase and regulate the water supply from Mt. Vesuvius/p>

Perfectioned and increased by the Romans, this system of channels and and cisterns was more recently used during WWII as shelter to escape the bombings.

Beautiful evening, beautiful weather, delicious food and amazing city. Unfortunately some important monuments covered by scaffolding. Means will have to come back again! - Lorraine B., Aspen, Colorado

Our food adventure goes on tasting Baccalà, Fiarielli, local Soups and Ragù served with the famous Aglianico wine.

After coming back to surface we will walk to one of the most famous and pictoresque districts of Naples: the Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters).

We will taste the food specialties of this popular and highly inhabited district: pastiera, pasta papate e provola and the genovese, delicious sauce invented by chefs from Genoa cooking at the court the king of Naples.

We will also visit the sumptous sanctuary of Santa Francesca delle Cinque Piaghe, the city's most visited temple for girls wishing to get pregnant.

Part of the tour takes place by candlelight through very narrow passages - not suitable for claustrophobic guests!